Monday, June 8, 2015

Life is too short. Read a book first.

This was my thought yesterday as I did my usual Saturday errands and cleaning. A play on "Life is too short. Eat dessert first".  I was pondering why I haven't been reading as much as I would have liked to this past month and what to do about that.

With summer upon us (it is 90 here already daily), I was reminiscing about my summers of reading as a child and teenager.

 Some of that I have mentioned before: weekly trips to the Book Mobile, checking out the maximum number of books, opening my mother's Book of the Month selection before she could.... I was thinking back to when I was a teenager. I remember laying in the sun and purposely  applying baby oil to get burned and reading a book while I fried, literally. I also remember walking to the local 7-11 and buying a bag of Cheetos and maybe the latest paperback in the store. Then back to my room where I would lay on my bed, eat the entire bag of Cheetos and read the book. (I am kind of wondering now how I ate that much lying down and what about the orange fingers I must have had) . I remember walking around the house reading while I walked. Coming to the dinner table with a book and my father saying " get your nose out of that book."

Ahhh the summers of our youth. We never went to summer camps. I never was an athletic kid. My only sporty thing I did was ride my bike to the library or to or with friends. But if I had nothing to do, I "read my book". And was perfectly happy.

I do bring my book to read while walking on the treadmill at the health club. (shhhh sometimes I go to the health club only because I know I will be able to read under the premise of "working out".) I often wonder if I could read and ride my bike now. That seems to be the best exercise for me. I think the answer is No.

Here is what is on my reading list for June:

My summer goal is read more and worrying about home maintenance less!

What are you reading this first month of summer? What do you remember about your summers as a "kid"?

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  1. Your summer remembrances sound a lot like mine. Book mobiles, libraries, reading, reading, reading. I would start a book at bedtime and stay up until I finished it or until my mother figured out my light was still on. I can remember her coming in my bedroom door and telling me that it was 2AM and to put out the light. LOL

    Here's hoping your summer reading is more like you remember.