Sunday, August 9, 2015

Australia and Pacific Island book tour

Four our August Mystery Book Club, we read our choice of book(s) set in Australia or Pacific islands.  In July and August, a lot of our members are on vacations so we usually do a theme read and share what we have read.

We had about eight of us "die hard" club members this time. I think it was 101 F and we melted on over to our meeting place. We shared other books and t.v. shows we have been watching or shows coming up in the fall, i.e. Masterpiece Mystery, pretending it will be cool soon.

Here is a list of the "tour" books. It may not be all of them. I tried to jot down what I could.

As I mentioned last week, I read The Recipient by Dean Mayes. It mostly took place in Melbourne Australia. The picture above is of the Melbourne coast. (according to the internet :)) It is coming out in October 2015. I highly recommend it.

Pago Pago Tango by John Enright :  Samoa. This is book one of the Jungle Beat series. The club member said the history it talked about was interesting and described some of the culture and phrases the people use. Good story.

Moonlight Downs by Adrian Hyland: Australia. Won Australia's Ned Kelly 2007 Award for Best First Novel. It is a mystery but also talks about the culture and history of the Aborigines.

A Nail Through the Heart by Timothy Hallinan: Thailand. "very engaging".

Several members read books by Paul Cleave - New Zealand. The club members really like these books. All three books are of the Christchurch New Zealand series.
The Cleaner:
Cemetery Lake:
Five Minutes Alone:

The Runner by Peter May:
This takes place in Beijing during the Olympics and was "really good.

As always, "a good time was had by all".  

Currently reading:
Witchlight by J.S. Watts.
Also in the lineup for August: Onyx Webb book 2 by Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
One Kick by Chelsea Cain - our Mystery Book Club selection for September.

Just to mention, I have had the privilege of reading a few books in exchange for reviews this summer. That has been a lot of fun. I agreed to read only books that looked like my kind of story though. But I am thoroughly enjoying it.

Stay cool!


  1. Gayle, thanks for sharing about the book club meeting! I missed being there. Good to know that several were able to read some books from that area. We had a good time on our trip, but I'll be glad to be back with the group next month. :-)

    1. I was hoping you would see our list Kay. See you next time.


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