Friday, January 29, 2016

Checking in

January comes to a close and we didn't have any ice. (knock on wood). I think if we are going to have any in the winter, it us usually by now. Hopefully have made it past that.

I finished a couple of books this week. Suspect by Robert Craise - review to come. And a book that is in the writing stages by Katherine Hayton.

I read one of her books and found it to be quite the page turner. Here is her info if you want to check her out. She writes stand alones. I talked about Breathe and Release in the summer. Yes the covers are creepy looking. Her stories will make you jump.

I am currently reading a book I won in a scavenger hunt in the fall and will talk about that soon.
It is a YA paranormal fantasy story. And coincidently, for our Mystery Book Club in March, we are going to read YA books. Yay. I am ahead of the game.

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Did you ever read the Lemony Snicket books? I read them all. To me they were children's books for adults. I love them. I got a laugh out of them too. There was a movie based on them several years ago. Well guess what? Netflix is going to make a series, starting filming in March. I will be watching that. :)

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I thought this was cute and true. It's funny how panicked I felt when I took my Nook with me to the "health club" and found that the battery was dead. I won't make that mistake again. I like to read while on the treadmill. I find exercising pretty bothersome but I try to do it.

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  1. OK, I can now comment! Yay! We'll see if the winter weather is behind us. Maybe. I suspect we might get a surprise in February, just because we don't want one. See you next week!