Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fur the Win by Ed Lynskey


Isn't this cat pretty?

After reading the book I will talk about later this week, I had to turn to a cozy. This is the second book in A Piper and Bill Robins Cozy Mystery series.

"Piper and Bill Robins, a retired couple, are enjoying their leisure years spent in the tranquil, leafy Washington, D.C. suburb of Beverly Park, Virginia. Bill watches “Pawn Stars” on TV and mows his lawn while Piper shops for clothes and solves crossword puzzles. One sunny June afternoon, their friend Etta Garagiola while returning home from bird watching finds a murdered homeless man in their neighborhood and calls the Robinses. They decide to investigate the murder with the help of Bill’s younger sister Noreen, a retired CPA, and her opinionated, smart tuxedo cat Snoozy Q. They follow the clues and soon identify three murder suspects. With the assistance of Noreen’s ex-cop boyfriend Rick Novak, the skillful sleuths track the crafty killer until the surprise ending. Besides a clean read and a fair play modern “whodunit” mystery, Fur the Win offers cozy mystery fans likeable protagonists, lots of good-natured humor, and a fast pace. Fur the Win follows The Corpse Wore Gingham, the first book in the series."

Both of the Piper and Bill Robins books and Ed Lynskey's other series, Isabel and Alma Trumbo Cozy Mystery series, make me laugh.  As it says in the description, Piper and Bill are retired. Twice now they have stumbled upon a murder. Piper has decided they are amateur sleuths and will solve the murders. Bill would much rather watch old film noir and Pawn Stars, eat things that are not good for him. Piper attempts to keep him on a healthy diet. It all makes for some humorous banter.

I enjoy this series because their are some similarities to my life (not the sleuthing) : we like old TCM movies, and I especially like film noir. Someone in my household likes to stay up 'til all hours watching said TCM movies. I also like Pawn Stars. I am sure a lot if it is "put on" but I get a kick out of it. I have two cats. They do not talk like Snoozy Q does in this book. But they do have a magic portal like in Harry Potter that they disappear into and reappear. Honestly, I can look and look for them, not find them, and turn around and there they are.

"Ed Lynskey is an American poet, critic, and novelist, mostly of crime fiction. He was born in Washington, D.C. where he still lives and works. His first four books are mysteries featuring his Private Investigator Frank Johnson: The Dirt-Brown Derby, The Blue Cheer, Pelham Fell Here, Troglodytes, The Zinc Zoo, and After the Big Noise. A P.I. Frank Johnson short collection is Out of Town a Few Days."


  1. That is a pretty kitty. Kind of looks like one we had, except her face was totally black with the white fur just on her tummy area. However, she was nuts. Truly. LOL

    Hey, I think we're not going to talk much about this month's book. Which probably won't upset you. I want to share a bunch about the conference. :-)

  2. Thank you, Gayle. I'm glad you liked it!