Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Shadows in the Mist by Amy Flint


Dr. Porter Biggleswade.

An unusual name for an unusual woman with an unusual occupation.

Porter is "albino" who has a gift for seeing shadows of people who are no longer. Ironic for a living person who may look like a shadow herself. Pale hair, pale skin, thin but black eyes. Very smart and not to be fooled, and with a wry sense of humor. Porter is a ghost hunter. (Not like that t.v. show. Good grief.)

"When Dr. Porter Biggleswade, a straight-talking paranormal investigator famed for her ability to see ghosts, is headhunted by the Paranormal Investigation Unit (PIU) at All Saints University in York, things aren't as straightforward as they first appear. Porter's first major case involves investigating claims of paranormal activity at the Bronte Parsonage in Haworth, yet ghostly feuds turn out to be the least of her worries. An anonymous donor with an unexplained interest in the investigator, jealous colleagues, warring parents, and an encounter with a farmer convinced he is being haunted by spectral sheep make Porter question her decision to leave London."

The University in York (reported to be the most haunted city in England) has received a donation to set up the PIU. The donor wants Porter as part of the team. One problem for Porter and her department, is the University already has a parapsychology department. The staff is not happy that PIU has been set up and is getting better equipment then they have. There is also a lot of competition in this area, apparently. Colleagues are bidding for contracts behind other's backs while flirting with those (specifically Porter) in the running. Some of the "ghosts" aren't ghosts at all.  Porter and her intern, Clarice, spend many nights investigating the supernatural complaints. It is dangerous sometimes. Porter gets clobbered in the head, falls and faints a few times. But it is all in a days' or rather a nights' work.

I especially liked the story line about the Bronte family; of the Charlotte and Emily family. I really didn't know much about the actual family, so it was fun to learn more about them through the children's shenanigans, and their father's worry over brother Branwell. Did I say one of my favorite all time books is Wuthering Heights? I see some of their story in Wuthering Heights. Most of what is described in Shadows in the Mist about the Bronte family, is based on fact. Not the haunting part. Where they lived, who was in the household, brother Branwell's addiction, even Tabby, their maid.

This first book sets us up for book two: The Haunting of Delavere Hall. I will be reading that soon.

By the way, have you ever seen a shadow?

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