Monday, January 16, 2017

Breaking Point by C.T. Mitchell

I have a love/hate relationship with technology. I curse it at least once a day.

On the other hand, you can find some great authors and books on the internet. I think I found C.T. Mitchell by entering a "win 35 books" deals on FB. I can't say I won the grand prize but did get on several email lists and subsequently emails offering free or almost free books. As a bookaholic, I can't resist.  He resides in Australia and has books on Goodreads and Amazon. Another great author from "down under".

In the first email I got from C.T., I was sent a free novella; Rejection - A Jack Creed Novella.

From the website:

"In this mystery thriller short story, UK born Nicholas Weatherby is about to ‘wake up’ the sleepy, country village of Lismore, NSW, Australia with a very sick, bitter and twisted plan of revenge. Communicating only through YouTube, this recluse has attracted a friend; a sympathizer who together wants to deliver Australia’s first University mass shooting.

But they never planned on Australian detective Jack Creed to be on the case. Always seeking criminal justice Jack is up to his armpits with a myriad of suspects including Nicholas’s dumbfounded parents, a taunting ex-girlfriend and a sympathizer with deep childhood scars – all with secrets to hide – making this crime fiction more mysterious."

O.K. I am not a fan of mass shooting stories since we hear about that a lot lately here. But the Jack Creed character was intriguing. So when I saw the first full Jack Creed novel - Breaking Point I grabbed it.


From the website:

"The criminal investigation is over budget. It’s in danger of being closed down. Creed’s ‘new’ murder squad team have exhausted all leads. Cabarita Beach residents are petrified; they want answers.

Then ex UK resident Sam Thompson’s charred remains are discovered. This victim is different. A small crack appears giving this police procedural case hope. The serial killer has slipped up.

From the bestselling Australian author of the Detective Jack Creed Box Set, C T Mitchell serves up his best fast paced, maximum action, psychological pulp thriller novel with a tsunami of twists and turns that will keep you guessing right to the last page in this latest mystery, thriller and suspense series. You won’t pick the ending."

I loved the book. Couldn't stop reading it. The story was good with a strong build up of suspense and sense of urgency to catch the killer. All clues pointed to Talbot yet enough things didn't add up to keep us looking and thinking - did he or didn't he. Jack Creed is a likeable character with lots of gut experience. Jo is a young, smart police officer with a fair amount of common sense although we had to holler at her a few times. She shows lots of promise and I look forward to reading more cases in their partnership.

There are actually 6 other Jack Creed short stories before this novel.  C.T. also writes a cozy series that I have acquired but have not had a chance to read yet. I love the covers of the books in the series with Lady Margaret Turnbull. Here is the first one.


Here is C. T.'s website if you want to check it out. He also writes some interesting short articles on his site. For example " Four Things James Patterson Told Me About Writing Over Lunch" and most recently, "Naming a Murder Victim-You Choose". He will also send you two of his bestsellers, free.

Check it out!


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