Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A couple of notes of interest...

Sherlock Holmes

The BBC series Sherlock will be back for a 4th season. They started filming the three part series in January 2015. They are also filming a "special", stand alone episode set in Victorian times, to be shown prior to the new season. The article I read said the guess is it will be shown at Christmas time. (not sure if that will be in the U.S. or Britain).

I am a fan of the t.v. show Elementary also. I was watching some Sherlock movies from the 1940's with Basil Rathbone this weekend and noted some interesting things. (I have never read the Sherlock books.)

Elementary follows the "originals" more than I thought. In one movie I watched, Sherlock is working with Lt. Gregson. In Elementary, Sherlock works with Lt. Gregson. In the movies, Sherlock's flat is pretty cluttered, has lots of projects going on, Watson is there most of the time. The same is true in Elementary. In one movie, Sherlock and Watson talk about Sherlock's lack of a relationships with women, and talk about Irene Adler having been his one serious relationship. And none since. This is also talked about in Elementary.

I just found these similarities interesting because I didn't know if Elementary was following the basic background story or not really.

XM Radio Classics

If you have an XM radio, do you know about the Radio Classics station? They broadcast many of the old mystery radio shows such as: Suspense, The Shadow, The Falcon, The Whistler, Ellery Queen, Sherlock Homes, Lights Out and more. Check out the listings if you have a XM or Sirius radio. Fun to listen too if you are driving or doing things around the house.

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