Thursday, April 23, 2015

I was watching the most recent Who Do You Think You Are. They visited the Los Angeles Public Library. I love this quote which is on the building at the entrance.

Books Invite All. They Constrain None.

Enough said.

Monday, April 20, 2015

I had the privilege of hosting a family of wrens. The rented for a few week, I guess. They were pretty quiet until the past few days. And then suddenly they took the kids and moved out. I was able to catch one of the babies getting ready to go.

I need some feedback please. I get  some views to my posts but am not sure if they are people, Google staff monitoring, or if I have something blocked and no one can
 comment or everyone has to much to do with their daily lives.  I was set up for Google + and while I got more views, I was told by a friend that she for one couldn't comment because she didn't have an account. I thought I turned it off...

I am considering moving my blog elsewhere to see if this "spot" is too tricky for me.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

 I just finished this book and enjoyed it a lot. A great cozy about a retired couple that decides to break up the monotony of their days by solving the mystery of the murder of their elderly neighbor. There was some similarities of the central characters that made me wonder...people who like Pawn Stars, people who like to fix things, and a few other things. Oh, and there is a cat like mine in the story; a male, chubby Tuxie whose main goal is food. A cat in the story is always a plus for me. The story also has some funny moments and I laughed out loud.


"Piper and Bill Robins, a retired married couple, are enjoying their leisure years spent in the tranquil, leafy Washington, D.C. suburb of Beverly Park, Virginia. Bill watches “Pawn Stars” on TV and mows his lawn while Piper shops for clothes and solves crossword puzzles. One sunny June afternoon, Emily Davenport, who lives in California, telephones Bill and asks if he’ll check on her elderly mother Anna living next door to the Robinses. She hasn’t answered Emily’s repeated attempts to call. After Bill and Piper go over, they discover Anna lies murdered in her bed. The only found clue is her bloodstained gingham bathrobe. Appalled and even more outraged, Piper persuades Bill to become wife-and-husband amateur sleuths, and they set out to find Anna’s killer. Meantime, Bill’s younger sister Noreen, a retired CPA, joins the Robinses’ investigation. She taps her ex-cop boyfriend Rick Novak and her mysterious, opinionated tuxedo tomcat Snoozy Q for support. While the city homicide detectives run their official investigation, the skillful snoops Piper, Bill, and Noreen train their sights on four murder suspects. Besides a clean read and fair play modern “whodunit” mystery, The Corpse Wore Gingham offers cozy mystery fans likeable protagonists, good-natured humor, and a lively pace."

Friday, April 10, 2015

Well we actually turned on the a.c. here in central Texas for a second this week. The combination of humidity and mid 80's was a bit much. But today we got a nice cold front to bring us back to cooler weather. I hate to go from needing the furnace on to a.c within two weeks!

Lots of flowers blooming now.
I am currently reading "The Corpse Wore Gingham" by Ed Lynskey. It is a short 223 page cozy about a retired couple who decided they will be amateur sleuths and solved the murder of their elderly neighbor. It is just a light, funny at times, quick cozy to clear my reading brain after "Natchez Burning". Too tell you the truth, there are so many similarities and parallels to my life, I am wondering....other than the elderly neighbor being murdered.
Our May mystery book club selection is "Cuckoo's Calling" by Robert Galbraith/J.K. Rowling. As a big Harry Potter fan, I am anxious to see how her "grown up" book is.