Sunday, October 25, 2015

Texas weather, scavenger hunts and Missing You by Harlan Coben

Had a week off of work, a week ago. Takes a while to recover returning to work. So I also took an extra day off. :) Had a birthday and thinking about what that means....

We also had a lot of rain here in Central Texas. I am a "Texas transplant", from the Midwest, where it gets really, really cold, so I scoff at a lot of the Texas weather sayings. But after 28 years of living here, I will admit, Texas is not for sissies.  We had really bad flooding in May. Many people lost their lives and others their homes. In this day and age. There was nothing anyone could do. Nothing modern technology could do. Then we had the usual hot and dry summer. 100 degrees followed by 101 degrees then 102, and 103. Finally when we have had enough, it rains. We got 11.87 inches of rain in my part of town (official weather station #), between Thursday night and Sunday morning. Thankfully I have not heard of anyone loosing their home or life this time.

Besides finishing Missing You this week, I attempted to participate in a Literary Scavenger Hunt. Saw an invite on Goodreads. It was to be a week of questions posted by authors about their books. Find the answers to the questions, and on the final day, a form will be provided for you to submit your answers. There is also raffles you can enter every day by authors for books and other giveaways. I say attempted because I do not see that I am going to be able to finish it. I think you need a strategy for these things. I thought it would be 5 questions each day, I would collect the questions then answer them in the evening after work. Well...there was 5 questions per 5 authors every day. I kept up for about 3 days, then just didn't have the time to research and it snowballed on me. I did enter some raffles, winners yet to be announced. I will try another but have to have a different method next time.

Our Mystery Book Club (MBC) for the month is Missing You by Harlan Corben.

Kudos to our MBC leader, Kay, for choosing this book and this author. Yet another author I have never read. But he will now be on my list of other books to read.

Kat is a NYPD officer. A friend of hers encourages her to join an online dating website to "get out there". Kat had been engaged to Jeff 18 years ago but he suddenly broke it off and went away. She stumbles across him on the dating website. She debates on reconnecting with him and sends him a message with a video of their song: Missing You by John Waite.

Kat's father was also an NYPD officer and was murdered many, many years ago. The man who was convicted of murdering him is in prison and she has been notified that he is dying. She has never felt sure that he was the man that killed her father and begins investigating on her own to find the truth.

A college student - Brandon- contacts Kat to help him find his mother, Dana. She was conversing with a man on the same dating website that Kat has joined and agreed to meet him on a long weekend trip. Brandon is certain Dana has met with foul play; he has not heard from her as expected and money is missing from her account. Oh, Brandon is a computer whiz and has started some investigating of his own. Looks like Dana went away with Jeff, Kat's ex fiancĂ©.  But did she?
Kat uncovers there are other people missing under the same premise.

Kat goes to a yoga class in the park most days to help with the stress of her job. It is taught by Aqua. Aqua is schizophrenic but an excellent yoga teacher. Jeff was roomates with Aqua many years ago. The three of them were great friends. Aqua seems to have some secrets about Jeff and Kat's dad but in his often confused state, cannot or will not talk to Kat about them.

This book is excellent: well written, very suspenseful, great story. While there is a couple of story lines running parallel, Coben easily keeps them untangled and keeps you interested. One is as important as the other.

Kat uncovers a deadly ring of kidnapping, extortion and murder, while investigating her father's murder.

Lots of secrets are found out in this book... the secrets have secrets, and those secrets have secrets...

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  1. Update: I went ahead and finished the literary scavenger hunt I mentioned, and guess what? I won 3rd prize! Who would have thunk? :)