Monday, December 14, 2015

Onyx Webb Book 3


If you are just starting this series, go ahead and get all three of the books (released to date) because you will want to read the next one and the next one...

In Book 3, Ulrich is still trying to kill Onyx, because of pressure from his girlfriend Claudia, who is the daughter of a mob boss. Ulrich is spending the money he obtained illegally as fast as he can.

We meet Dane's family and visit the town he is from, Lily Dale, which is appears to be a town of people who believe in the paranormal. Some of these people are legitimate, some maybe not.

Koda is still obsessed with the girl in the mirror and gets one step closer to finding her.
We get more information on the background on Declan Mulvaney and how he made his money. We get more information on Declan's friend Tommy.

Onyx continues to surprise.

I love how the story shows some seemingly paranormal things that sure seem real, then shows "charlatans", so it keeps you guessing. Also the books makes mention of some famous real people such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr,, and Walt Disney and how the characters have rubbed elbows with them. (Who would have thought).

Book 3 gets deeper into the story of the characters lives. Even though the chapters go between cities and time periods, it is easy to follow, and you can see the characters being woven together.

The series really is a soap opera in that the characters are becoming more complex, more intertwined, and gets you hooked into wanting to know what is going to happen next, yet nothing is predictable.

I am anxiously awaiting Book 4!

(I received a free copy in exchange for a review.)    

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