Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Sweet Betsy by Ed Lynskey


Alma and Isabel have once again stumbled upon a murder. This time in their own back yard. But make no bones about it, they will not quit until they solve the mystery! Who have they found in their back yard? The Trumbo sisters instill the help of the townies; The Three Musketeers and their niece Sammi Jo, much to Sheriff Roscoe's dismay. But the Sheriff is actually asking them for help nowadays.

This book is a quick read, with some laugh out loud parts. The description of the "characters" and I do mean characters, is such that you can picture this bunch sleuthing around town.

This is the 5th book in this cozy series, about two retired sisters that live in Quiet Anchorage with their beagle, Petey Samson, and pass their time reading mysteries, playing Scrabble, drinking ice tea and eating bear claws. (Sounds pretty good to me). But they keep finding themselves stumbling across real life mysteries and murders and can't help themselves but to lead the investigations.

I highly recommend the series if you need a change from reading a lot of "heavy", dark mysteries.


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