Friday, February 12, 2016

Onyx Webb Book Four

Finished Book Four- episodes 10-11-12 of Onyx Webb.

Confession: I own the complete set of the 1960's-70's Dark Shadows. All 750+ episodes. Yes I even watch them. Not all the time. But when I am in the mood for nostalgic spooky shows from when I was a kid.

What attracts me to the Onyx Webb series is that it reminds me of Dark Shadows. DS had so many more types of ghouls but it reminds me of it. It is a quick read because it is written like episodes.

This series is so addictive. I almost didn't want to finish it, because now I have to wait for Book 5. Sometimes when you read a series, some of the books aren't as "good". I haven't found that with Onxy Webb. In Book Four, we find out more about Onyx and why she is the way she is. We have a reunion. We have confirmation of another ghost. We thought we had a phony paranormal expert, but now I am not sure....This book continues to have twists and surprises just like the first 3. The authors have done an incredible job of being able to have several different characters but tease and hint at connections to each other.

Oh, I am one of the 100 Readers, so we get the book right when it comes out, free of charge, in an exchange for a review. And here is something I found pretty cool, that I did not know about. I was reading along and got to episode 11 and the intro. I will leave you with what I found.


  1. Look at you! You're famous! I can't believe you own all of the Dark Shadows episodes. You never told me that. Ha!

  2. Oh yeah. In a box shaped like a coffin no less. :)

  3. We love having you read Gayle, and will have to watch Dark Shadows! - Andrea