Friday, May 13, 2016


I haven't been a very good example of a blogger recently, have I?

Well, I have excuses.

It all started over a month ago with intentional home fixing up which has morphed into "have to do things" because we looked too close. You know how that goes. Example: you intend to clean off the stove and the next thing you know, you are cleaning the oven, the refrigerator, and cabinet. If you happen to walk in the next room in the same time period, you will start it all over again in that room.

We are into several big things (I think) which has involved numerous trips to do it yourself stores, walking around the house inside and out, looking at various things on the internet, holding the net on the ground in case husband falls off the roof, moving things on and off decks blah blah blah.

I don't really like to do this kind of thing. I am more of a "let me know when you're done, I will keep out of the way" person.

Currently reading and will share soon:

Onyx Webb book 5. Thanks Andrea and Richard. Just a very few pages to go.
Laying Ghosts: A Selkie Moon Mystery prequel. Thanks Virginia.

Anyone notice a theme here?

Then on my reading radar: The Doctor's Lounge (thanks Larry) - queued up in my Nook.

For my June Mystery Book Club, we will be reading books from the Mystery Award Nominees 2016. These can be easily found on

What is the date today? 

Gotta run! Be back soon.

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