Saturday, July 9, 2016

Missing Inheritance

Just finished Missing Inheritance by Ken Herring.


"JT Lockie and Shawna have to solve the mystery before it's too late as they are swept up in a mystery going back several decades. It starts with the mysterious death of his father and a stranger who appears out to get Shawna. The story centers around stolen art, Colorado gold mines, Russian rubles, murders, and family secrets. JT and Shawna must travel to Italy in search of clues and solve the mystery before more people die."

This book is exciting and suspenseful all the way up to the end. I liked it because it is a different storyline than I have read lately. It deals with the stolen artwork by the Nazi's in WWII. People are after some of the artwork that they believe J.T. knows something about, and they are serious about getting it back. Can J.T. and Shawna stay one step ahead of them? And there are people going after those people. There is a lot of history mixed in with this fictional story. Or is it?

This story made me want to look up information about the stolen artwork. Here is a interesting article from a couple of years ago about finding some of it. You will see that this book, Missing Inheritance, isn't that far fetched. Wow!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

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