Sunday, February 12, 2017

Mystery Thriller Week February 12-22 2017

Just found out about this event on author Barbara Venkataraman's blog A Trip to the Mobius Strip.
She writes the Jamie Quinn series that I mentioned in a post.

Anyhow it starts today so I am quickly posting this so you can get signed up too. I just did.

Here is some of what it is about.

"You will receive access to all the events scheduled.  You will be invited to meet some of these award-winning and best-selling writers on various digital platforms. Ask them questions, get tips and see what they are up to now. Find your new favorite author.
You will also have free passes to giveaways, Facebook chats, free books, interview links and more. All these treats will be provided to super fans like yourself. "

Have you tried any of these events? I am currently participating in a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt hosted by Kathi Daley - author of the Zoe Donovan series.  I have done a couple of these. Lots of fun. You find out about other authors and series they write and you may win a book!

I won 5 books in the first one I did about a year and half. That is how I was introduced to Virginia King and her Selkie Moon series. I talked about that in a post also. I am on the second in the series, The Second Path, having read the prequel and the first in the series, The First Lie.

Fun fun fun.

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