Monday, May 15, 2017

The Watson Girl

Just finished The Watson Girl by Leslie Wolf.

This is the second in the FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett series.


Here's what it's about:

"An entire family is murdered and, by a quirk, a young girl is left unharmed. For fifteen years, she believed the killer had been caught, and he’s now on death row, awaiting execution. While trying to be content with her adoptive family, she’s living in relentless uncertainty and the fear of remembering what really happened that night when she was five years old. She’s The Watson Girl.

A therapist has asked her to participate in regression session treatments to attempt to bring back those lost memories. The closer she gets to the truth, however, the less time she has to remain alive. Now, the real killer is going to silence her, before she can remember the details of that horrifying night, when she was an innocent witness."

The clock is ticking for the Laura, the Watson Girl. Can Tess go back through the initial investigation from 15 years ago in just a few days, before the real killer makes a move on Laura? Tess's superiors think she is wrong, don't want to provide help and worse than that, they don't want to provide protective custody for Laura.
What I like about Tess, is her deductive reasoning, like Sherlock Holmes. For instance, she comments on a colleagues coffee choice and when he asks her how she knew what he had, she proceeds to describe her observations; his age, his build, his probable medical issues, why he would choose low fat and no sugar, and the smell of the coffee which told her the blend. We see this skill in her investigation.
 We also hear from the killer and what he/she is thinking and plotting, but we don't know who it is.
Quite the page turner, a little gritty at times but you won't want to put it down. Surprise ending too.
Leslie Wolfe is one of my new favorite authors. Her third in this series is "A Glimpse of Death".
Leslie also has written a series of five Alex Hoffman books. I have read the first one, The Executive.
About the author:
"Bestselling author Leslie Wolfe is passionate about writing fiction, despite spending a significant number of years climbing the corporate ladder. Leaving the coveted world of boardrooms for the blissful peace of the Florida-based “Wolves’ den,” Leslie answers one true calling: writing.
Leslie’s novels break the mold of traditional thrillers. Fascinated by technology and psychology, Leslie brings extensive background and research in these fields, that empower and add texture to a signature, multi-dimensional, engaging writing style.

Leslie released the first novel, Executive, in October 2011. It was very well received, including inquiries from Hollywood. Since then, Leslie published numerous novels and enjoyed growing success and recognition in the marketplace. Among Leslie’s most notable works, The Watson Girl (2017) was recognized for offering a unique insight into the mind of a serial killer and a rarely seen first person account of his actions, in a dramatic and intense procedural thriller."

I received a free copy and voluntarily reviewed The Watson Girl.

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  1. I remember you talking about this author's first book in this series - I think. Meant to try it. Guess I'd better put it on my list because this one sounds good. :-)