Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Award Winning and Nominated Books

Good Grief! I fell like I am in a sequel to Lemony Snicket and a Series of Unfortunate Events!

After a short vacation, we have had a lot of home large and small appliance "distractions" and technology "distractions." So I have been absent from here.

For our June Mystery Book Club meeting, we read any books from the Award Winning and Nominated Books for 2017 and late 2016.  Below is the list of everything the members in our MBC read from the Awards list. It's a lot, isn't it.

I read A Great Reckoning by Louise Penny. This book won an Agatha Award. Louise Penny is one of the book club's favorite authors. I would describe her as a story teller...you feel like you are in the story, can see the scenery, see the characters and smell the great food they describe. If you have read any of her books in the Gamache series, Ruth is my favorite character.  :)

I wanted to quickly share the list, in case you are looking for summer reading.
You can find the complete list and awards at http://www.stopyourekillingme.com/


Award Group Title Author
* indicates winner
Agatha Murder in Morningside  Heights Victoria Thompson
Agatha  Fogged Inn Barbara Ross
Agatha* The Semester of Our Discontent Cynthia Kuhn
Agatha*, Lefty A Great Reckoning Louise Penny
Agatha, Anthony, Lefty Design for Dying Renee Patrick
Agatha, Lefty Nature of the Beast Louise Penny
Agatha, Lefty Decanting a Murder Nadine Nettman
Agatha, Lefty Terror in Taffeta Marla Cooper
Agatha, Mary Higgins Clark Say No More Hank Phillipi Ryan
Anthony You Will Know Me Megan Abbott
Anthony, Barry Wilde Lake Laura Lippman
Anthony, Barry, Edgar, Shamus IQ Joe Ide
Anthony, Barry, Edgar, Shamus, Thriller Where it Hurts Reed Farrel Coleman
Anthony, Barry, Left, Macavity The Killing Kind Chris Holm
Anthony, Edgar  Shot in Detroit Patricia Abbott
Anthony, Edgar, Lefty Heart of Stone James W. Ziskin
Arthur, Ellis * Strange Things Done Elle Wild
Barry Missing Presumed Susie Steiner
Barry The Darkest Secret Alex Marwood
Barry Collecting the Dead Spencer Kope
Barry The Wrong Side of Goodbye Michael Connelly
Barry The Queen's Accomplice Susan Elia Macneal
Edgar The Ex Alafair  Burke
Edgar The Lost Girls Heather Young
Edgar Jane Steele Lyndsay Faye
Edgar A Brilliant Death Robin Yocum
Edgar What Remains of Me Alison Gaylin
Edgar*, Anthony, Barry, Steel Dagger, Ned Kelly  Rain Dogs Adrian McKinty
Edgar*, Barry Under the Harrow Flynn Berry
Edgar*, Thriller Before the Fall Noah Hawley
Gold Dagger, Steel Dagger Real Tigers Mick Herron
Left, Agatha Murder in G Major Alexia Gordon
Lefty Die Like an Eagle Donna Andrews
Lefty Crowned and Dangerous Rhys Bowen
Lefty*, Agatha Body in the Bayou Ellen Byron
Lefty*, Agatha* Reek of Red Herrings Catriona McPherson
Mary Higgins Clark Quiet Neighbors Catriona McPherson
New Blood Dagger Freedom Child Jax Miller
Shamus Brush Back Sara Paretsky
Thriller Underground Airlines Ben H. Winters

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