Friday, June 23, 2017

What's on this summer - PBS

All the network television shows are off for the season. Not that I watch that many, but I have a few I like such as Elementary, Hawaii 5-0. (I like the banter between Danny and Steve) :)
Did you notice how this last season of Elementary ended like the last Sherlock episode?

So what's going to be on this summer for mystery lovers?

Here's what I found out.

Longmire will not be on Netflix until Fall 2017.
Wayward Pines will not be on in 2017. It was left with a cliffhanger so there is room for another season, but the writers haven't decided what's next.

Lets start with PBS

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Granchester: Season 3 started 6/18/17. Sunday 8 p.m. central time

"James Norton (Happy Valley) stars as the handsome, jazz-loving vicar Sidney Chambers, with Robson Green as his law-enforcement ally, Inspector Geordie Keating, in Grantchester, a mystery series based on the acclaimed novels by James Runcie. Although Sidney lives the life of a clergyman, sometimes he can’t help but fall into more worldly habits as he solves murders in the bucolic village of Grantchester, tirelessly searching for justice, spiritual fulfillment, love, and a really hip jazz club.
The crime-solving duo returns for Season 3 this summer. When we last left the sleepy village, Sidney faced a moral dilemma: be with the woman he loves, or take the moral high road. The vicar has never been a saint, but is this a step too far?"

Such a good series. The first episode took place at Christmas time with snow. Great to watch with it being 90+ out. 7 Episodes! You can watch the first episode on your local PBS website or they usually reshow it before the new episode.

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Prime Suspect: Tennison: Season 1 starts 06/25/17 Sunday 9 p.m. central time

" Jane Tennison isn’t on the force for long before she starts to learn the cold facts of police work. She turns the head of her handsome boss, DI Bradfield, but also impresses him with her instincts. He enlists her help, and Jane becomes immersed in her first murder investigation".
3 Episodes

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Endeavor: Season 4 starts 8/20/17 Sunday 8 p.m. central time

"Shaun Evans (The Take, The Last Weekend, Silk), charms audiences with his portrayal of the cerebral and solitary Detective Constable Morse in Endeavour, written by Inspector Lewis creator and Inspector Morse writer Russell Lewis.
In Season 4, it’s the summer of 1967, and the effects of the Cold War and sixties counterculture are being felt in Oxford. How will this changing landscape affect our favorite detectives?"

The PBS website doesn't say how many episodes of Endeavor there will be. Looks like you can watch previous season episodes online.

They are showing Midsomer Murders on Thursday nights too. Two episodes back to back!

Next up: TCM and Film Noir!

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