Monday, August 11, 2014

Messenger of Athens

I took a Mediterranean cruise by book, last month and read Messenger of Athens by Anne Zouroudi.
This is the first in the Greek Detective series with Hermes Diaktoros as a detective from Athens.
The story takes place on a small Greek island. Hermes arrives from Athens to investigate the death of young woman whose body has washed in from the sea.

The local chief of police lets him know there is nothing to investigate and dismisses Hermes from the island.  But Hermes is sure something is amiss and carries on his investigation nevertheless. Since the local police are not interested in justice being service, Hermes serves it in his own way.

Called "the fat man" Hermes is an interesting, quirky character. He helps those that need help along with "taking care of business" when no one else will.

The description of the villagers was very interesting. Although the story seems it was set in modern day, the village ways and people still live by their old customs, which get in the way of Hermes trying to do his job.

I also liked the descriptions of the island, the homes, and the FOOD!

A great summer read.

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