Sunday, September 7, 2014

Masterpiece Mystery series:

Have you been watching the latest series on Masterpiece Mystery Breathless....?
Unfortunately I have only seen Part I due to DVR issues, (: but it looks like I can watch it on PBS online.

This series takes place in the early 1960's in London. It is fun to see the dress and d├ęcor from the time. But more importantly is portrays what was going on in the 60's for women.  Quitting jobs when they got married, figuring out what to do with their time while the husband's went to work, abortion, unfaithful husbands to name a few. There is a great scene that shows a street in a neighborhood, early morning, all the cars lined up on the street, with the wives lined up on the street sending off their husband's to work.

The story centers around one doctor who provides abortions behind closed doors and his other secrets. It appears he has a dark secret that someone is trying to uncover or expose him for.

Coming up soon is Miss Marple.  I always enjoy Miss Marple. If you have never seen the original Miss Marple movies from the early 1960's with Margaret Rutherford, you need to watch those. They are black and white movies. Margaret Rutherford is a great Miss Marple. I think maybe the best. Her real life husband, Stringer Davis, played her side kick, Mr. Stringer. Wonderful movies!

Are you a fan of the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny? I heard in my book club that the movie of Still Life is available to watch on Acorn TV. It may possibly be available in October on Netflix.


  1. Watched Part II of Breathless. What is that Inspector up to and what is his deep dark secret?

  2. Enjoyed Breathless but it felt like a show that wanted to be Mad Men. Some of the plot points were a stretch. I'm eagerly awaiting the return of Miss Marple!

  3. Finally watched Part 3. It didn't tie up nicely in the end like I thought it would. On to Miss Marple!