Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I just finished The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell.

Oh my....

Rose is a reserved, quiet, old fashioned young woman raised with nun's. The year is 1924 and she is supporting her self by working as a typist in a police precinct and living in a boarding house with other single women. Very respectable and proper.

A new typist is hired for the pool; Odalie Lazarre. Rose is fascinated by her sophistication, clothes and friends. Odalie opens up a whole new exciting world to her of fancy clothes, speakeasies, living in an upscale hotel with Odalie and hobnobbing with the rich at the beach.

The author teases us constantly with glimpses into the mystery surrounding these two women. Who are they really and what has happened in the past? Odalie seems to be mixed up in bootlegging and have quite a past. Or does she? She is manipulative and as the story goes on, seems she could be dangerous. One wonders why Rose would want to be friends with her.

Once you think you have it figured out, turn the page...

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  1. Great review here, Gayle. I'm curious as to what this author might write next. I think the editing and writing issues might clear up after a book or two. Have loved reading through your blog. Keep it up! I've put it on my list to follow. See you at book club!