Monday, April 20, 2015

I had the privilege of hosting a family of wrens. The rented for a few week, I guess. They were pretty quiet until the past few days. And then suddenly they took the kids and moved out. I was able to catch one of the babies getting ready to go.

I need some feedback please. I get  some views to my posts but am not sure if they are people, Google staff monitoring, or if I have something blocked and no one can
 comment or everyone has to much to do with their daily lives.  I was set up for Google + and while I got more views, I was told by a friend that she for one couldn't comment because she didn't have an account. I thought I turned it off...

I am considering moving my blog elsewhere to see if this "spot" is too tricky for me.


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  1. How cute that little bird car is! We have a bird nest on top of our front porch light. Not our choice, but there it is. Sigh. It has eggs in it now so we can't 'move' it, but it sure is making my front porch a mess. ;-)