Friday, January 6, 2017

Gun by Lee Hayton

I recently read and ARC of Gun by Lee Hayton. This is a pen name for Katherine Hayton who writes the Ngaire Blakes series I have talked about. She is writing books of a different genre as Lee Hayton, specifically thriller/horror set in the United States. The Ngaire Blakes series, and I believe Katherine's other books, are set in New Zealand. Interesting.


"Gun" is the first book in the Gun Apocalypse series. Here is the summary:

"Seven customers shot dead in a coffee shop. Thirty shoppers cut down by an assault rifle at the mall. One hundred and eight pupils killed by high-school students on a rampage.

It’s just reached 10:00 a.m. on a beautiful spring day.

When a neurological virus triggers an epidemic of gun violence, a modern US city fractures into chaos. Annie’s husband shoots at commuters while his son is buckled in a carseat. Frankie and Becca desperately try to hide from a deranged shooter at their school; Robert runs headlong into the midst of a lopsided gun battle; and Blain…? None of them know Blain’s true story.

Thrown together—their families dead or missing—these survivors struggle to escape the newly-dangerous city. Hoping to find a place of safety. Somewhere they can bide their time until the violence subsides, the authorities seize control, and good once again triumphs over evil.

They’re in for a long wait."

What would you do? Random shootings apparently all over the world. People with a virus that has driven them to shooting anyone they see. All communications have gone out; cell phones, land lines, television. Annie, Becca, Frankie and Robert try to get to safety and locate their families, if they are still alive, meeting up with other victims such as Blaine, and other people taken hostage by gangs of people gone mad. But who are victims and who aren't? The characters find out pretty quickly what they are made of and have to push their limits in order to survive. 

Many years ago, I read quite a few books by Robin Cook who wrote books about various viruses that created chaos and trying to save mankind. Those seemed like it probably wouldn't happen. Although, now I would probably think differently. Gun bothered me a bit living in the US and we have several crazed gunmen shoot many, many people. That made it kind of hard for me to read. But what is different in that it is a virus that has caused people to do these things. Book 2 does sound interesting to me because it looks like it is going to show the other side of it, what is happening with the people infected and the medical aspect of it.

Here is the summary for Gun 2.

"One o’clock in the morning, a full ER. Two o’clock in the morning, a full hospital. Three o’clock in the morning, police barricade the street outside to prevent patients from overrunning the facilities.

Welcome to the day before the apocalypse.

When Dr. Rachel Harraday is called upon by the CDC to catalog and treat a fast-developing epidemic, she thinks her worst problem will be overcoming her agoraphobic panic long enough to travel to the assigned hospital.

On arrival, she’s subsumed by an avalanche of patients displaying signs of infection from the uncharted disease. As time passes, each new symptom triggers with clockwork precision—counting down toward an unthinkable final-stage.

As the disease catapults its sufferers into a spree of gun violence, Rachel struggles to navigate to safety through the unfamiliar hospital. Every life-or-death decision she makes, weighed down by her responsibility for each hand-picked patient and their relatives.

The one thing she can count on — help isn’t on its way."

If you like fast paced stories about survival and people thinking on their feet, you will like this book.
Book 1 comes out January 31, 2017. You can preorder on Amazon for .99 cents.

Here is Katherine/Lee Hayton's website. There are tabs which shows books written under both names.

I received a free copy.

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