Saturday, January 21, 2017

Exective by Leslie Wolfe

This is the second book by Leslie Wolfe that I read, although the first, Dawn Girl, is unrelated to  Executive. This is the first Alex Hoffman book.


About the book:
"A friendly fire incident in Afghanistan takes a serious toll.
A drone, out of control, brings death and wreaks havoc on a Florida highway.
An apparently successful corporation comes under scrutiny.

A memorable incursion behind corporate closed doors, led by an up-and-coming executive on a mission to find the truth about the lives lost to the very technology that was mandated to protect them.

Our skies aren't safe anymore.

A thought-provoking page turner, Executive sizzles with plausible scenarios, conveyed in technical and business terminology at an unrelenting pace.

Exploring the controversial territory of toxic leadership and its long term consequences, Executive delivers an insightful analysis spiced with cutting-edge technology and science, in an exciting, masterful political technothriller.

Fans of Jack Ryan, Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Jack Reacher will be intrigued by Alex Hoffmann."

This book hooked me in the first couple of pages. A sneak peek was at the end of Dawn Girl and I couldn't put it down. But the sneak peek ended so I quickly downloaded the book.

Alex Hoffman is recruited by The Agency. Their clients are, as in this case, companies that have concerning issues they cannot get to the bottom of. Alex's assignment is to be hired as an Executive for NanoLance. NanoLance manufactures drones that the military has purchased. A few of the drones have gone rogue and killed people.  Alex is to insert herself into NanoLance and basically spy.

It is fast paced. Lots of surprises and near misses for Alex as she tries to find out who is behind all the corruption in the company. And there are plenty of candidates.

I look forward to more books about Alex and The Agency.

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