Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Good grief!
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I haven't been here in awhile. I think my brain and my fingers are frozen. We are having a cold winter in Central Texas. Snow twice and now ice.

I do have a couple of books going but haven't finished one since Magpie Murders.

BUT Hallmark Movie and Mystery channel has lots of new mystery movies on this month. They started last week but reshow them and others are coming up. I am not going to paste pictures etc. from their website because the site is quite annoying. (Did you hear that Hallmark?) Anytime you go to another page, it starts a video, and often the same video over again. Seems like maybe they fixed that and replaced it with lots of ads. (equally annoying)

Anyhoo, here's what's playing this month and the website:


Past Malice: An Emma Fielding Mystery
"When archaeologist Professor Emma Fielding is recruited to aid in a groundbreaking discovery beneath the Chandler Castle, she is swept into another mystery when she finds her colleague murdered in the crypts below. Taking over the job-- and making unsettling connections to an age-old curse-- Emma, her students, and FBI Agent Jim Conner soon find themselves in danger of being buried along with the secrets that fill Chandler Castle."

Last Scene Alive: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery
"A Hollywood film crew descends on the town of Lawrenceton, GA to produce a film based on a book written by Aurora’s onetime boyfriend Robin Crusoe. However, when the lead actress, who is playing Aurora is killed, the real Aurora and the Murders Club must investigate a long list of suspects."

Mortal Mishaps: A Morning Show Mystery - this is a new mystery starring Holly Robinson Pete, Rick Fox and a cameo with Al Roker who I believe produced or directed this. Looks good.
"Billie Blessings has gone from beloved chef, restaurant owner, and morning show segment host to #1 suspect in a murder case when one of the executives at the network dies from poisoning. When the head chef at Billie's restaurant is arrested and held as a suspect, Billie takes matters into her own hands by digging deeper into a mystery that could incriminate people close to her while risking her own life in the process."

What am I reading?
*Book One of Outlander by Diana Galbadon. It was recommended by a couple of my friends and I have seen it listed on Netflix. I want to read the first book before I watch it.
*Carrots: a Shelby Nichols Adventure by Colleen Helme. 
*The Promise by Robert Crais - TBR for our Mystery Book Club for February.

Stay warm. We are trying.

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  1. You're reading OUTLANDER? Good for you! I've read it twice...and then not continued in the series. Sigh. I keep thinking I will, but they are really long. Service dogs for February - yay!