Friday, April 15, 2016

Currrently reading....

Goodness, record amount of work at work this week. (I don't think that is good grammar). It is as bad as the week was, you might say.

I am currently reading:

The First Lie (Selkie Moon Mystery Series Book 1) by Virginia King. I won it in the scavenger hunt I participated in and finally am checking out those books I won. This the second of five and have not been disappointed.


I hope to finish it this weekend, if it rains as promised and I don't feel compelled to "work outside".

Then I will be reading our MBC selection for May:

Rage Against the Dying (Brigid Quinn, #1) by Becky Masterman


One last thing, the final season of Wallander on PBS May 8. We will also have Endeavor and Inspector Lewis in the summer. This will also be the final season for Inspector Lewis. I hope they have some good mysteries in the works for us. :)

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