Friday, August 10, 2018

Featuring on Friday - Katherine Hayton

I think I started reading Katherine Hayton's books through a read and review offering a few years ago. She writes a couple of different genre. She writes psychological thrillers, police procedurals and now cozies! I serendipitously received a newsletter from her last week, talking about her most recent books and really wanted to share about her this week. She lives in New Zealand. I have followed her for a couple of years and find her interesting and really funny, by the way.


"Katherine Hayton is a middle-aged woman who works in insurance, doesn't have children or pets, can't drive, has lived in Christchurch her entire life, and resides a two-minute walk from where she was born. For some reason, she's developed a rich fantasy life."

1. Christchurch Crime Thriller books; three books. 

Found, Near Water, Skeletal, Breathe and Release are the three books in this series.

"Lost Children. Lost Memories. Lost Minds.

Found, Near Water: "When Rena Sutherland wakes in hospital following a car accident, she discovers her daughter Chloe is missing. Four days have passed. Four days during which no one searched for Chloe, no one alerted the police, no one even noticed she was missing."
Skeletal: Daina Harrow is dead. She’s been dead for a decade, her skeletal remains hidden beneath the foundations of a house in a nondescript subdivision. When earthquake repairers unearth her bones, the coroner begins an inquest into her death. As each witness takes a turn to lie about her on the stand, Daina’s on hand to tell her side of the story."
Breathe and Release: "Two days’ worth of memories is all that Elisabet has. It’s all she thinks she needs. Until the care offered to her by a husband she doesn’t remember, descends into aggression and violence.
Lillian lies hogtied in an underground cell. Forget about escape—unless she can manage the necessities of life, she’ll be dead within days. Kristen lost her house, her friends, and her confidence when her parents violence forced a separation. Just as she’s starting to recover lost ground, her injured stepmother moves back into the family home. Has her stepmother lost her memory, or lost her mind? And will Elisabet recover the secrets locked in her damaged memory in time to set them all free?"

Breathe and Release was the first book by Katherine that I read. Definitely a psychological thriller! Creepy. The ending is really something. Think Gone Girl....
2. Ngaire Blake Mysteries: three books in this series. I have read them all and loved them. All gripping, page turners.
The Three Deaths of Magdalene: "Forty years ago Magdalene Lynton drowned in a slurry. She choked to death as her hands scrabbled for purchase on the smooth concrete walls. A farmhand discovered her bloated body three days later.
Or she didn't.
Paul Worthington just confessed to her murder.
Forty years ago Magdalene Lynton died in a dirty shed. He smothered her life along with her cries for help and tossed her defiled corpse into a river when he was done.
Or he didn't."
The Second Stage of Grief: "A false accusation. A brutal murder. Can Ngaire find a killer before he finds her? Ngaire Blakes is trying to put her life back together. The ex-cop resigned from the police after a vicious assault left her battling PTSD. Dragged into a murder investigation, she’s shocked to discover that all the evidence points to her."
The Only Secret Left to Keep: "Detective Ngaire Blakes is back on the case when a skeletonized murder victim is discovered - a crime that took place during the Springbok Tours of 1981. A period that pitted father against son, town against city, and police against protestors. 
When the victim is identified as Sam Andie, a young African American man transplanted from the States to NZ by his family, Ngaire must investigate whether racial motives were behind the death. In line with evidence from the forensic pathologist, a police baton could easily have been the murder weapon. Or was his death connected to Sam's girlfriend--a young woman convicted of a savage double homicide in the same week that Sam disappeared?"
Now here are the cozies mysteries.

3. The Sweet Baked Mystery series: There are six books in the series.
"Welcome to Hanmer Springs. Small Town. Big Secrets. With a divorce pending and her career hanging in the balance, Holly Waterston returns to her hometown of Hanmer Springs to lick her wounds. The last thing she expects is for a series of murders to occur in the township. As each crime unfolds, Holly and her sister Crystal must roll up their sleeves and get to work if they're to track down the culprits while keeping themselves and their neighbors safe. Not to mention, they need to keep the township of Hanmer Springs well-stocked with their delicious array of freshly-baked cupcakes."

4. Food Bowl Mysteries: there are three books in this series. I haven't read them but the titles and descriptions make me laugh. I have two cats.
An Impawsible Situation:  "When his food is at stake, Thor must sacrifice nap-time. When Thor's human puts the wrong brand of food in the cat bowl, it ruins his entire day. After numerous entreaties prove ineffective, Thor embarks on an adventure to find out what's gone wrong."
Cat Red-Handed "Sometimes a cat's gotta do what a cat's got to do. Thor is back on the case again, tracing down the source of his food bowl crisis so life can return to normal. With a rumbling stomach feeding his motivation, Thor must confront his oldest enemy to gain the information that he needs."
You're Kitten Me! "A heavy responsibility weighs upon Thor's small shoulders. Now that Thor has sorted out the local dairy and the distribution chain that supplies it, by rights he should have received his reward of a great meal. Unfortunately, all he's opened is a large can of worms."

5. Tea Shop Cozy Mysteries: Four books in this series
Pushing Up Daisies, Berry Murderous, Deathbed of Roses, Orange Juiced: " Fifty-something widow Willow Foxglove's dream is to operate a herbal tea shop. If only she could stop tripping over dead bodies long enough to organize the business! When murder comes to peaceful Aniseed Valley, Willow Foxglove is on the case. Believing the local sheriff to be unequal to the challenge, she pursues leads in between building a new tea shop and looking after her Maine Coon kitten, Mavis. As each crime unfolds, she draws on the book-smarts of best friend Harmony and conspiracy-laden facts from second-best friend Reg to help untangle the evidence. And, of course, she can always rely on handy hints from her favorite TV show of all time - Miss Walsham Investigates! "
6. The Buzz Kill : The Honeybee Mysteries #1 
The Buzz Kill (The Honeybee Mysteries #1)"When a man is found dead near middle-aged beekeeper Alice Townsend's beehives, it sets the town abuzz! When middle-aged beekeeper Alice Trentwell installs some hives in Christchurch's red zone, she looks forward to her bees pollinating the bounty of fruit trees in the area. Instead, after just one day, a dead body is discovered nearby covered in bee stings. Now the police believe that a killer used her bees as a murder weapon. 
The Honeybee Mysteries are quick 1-2 hour reads perfect for filling in time waiting for appointments, commuting to work, or when your significant other insists on watching the show that makes you roll your eyes! The stories contain no swearing, no cliffhangers, and no graphic scenes but are chockablock full of bees. "
7. A Ray of Pitch Black: The Goth Girls Mysteries #1
"It's all fun and games until somebody raises the dead! When the Goth Girls—Elvira, Midnight, and Winter—stumble across a book of old spells, Elvira secretly hopes one will cure her mother's chronic illness. Unfortunately, the spell to do that is on a page somebody has torn out.
This cozy mystery is free from swearing, gore, and graphic scenes (but may contain the occasional ghost.) "
I haven't read Katherine's cozies but do have a couple in my e stack. I am sure they are great. I asked her how she happened to change genres. She said she has been "concentrating on cozies this year but has some ideas for a new police procedural series and a military police procedural." 
Oh, she also writes fantasy under the pen name of Lee Hayton. 
I have loved every book of Katherine's that I have read. I highly recommend her books. Obviously, she has something for everyone!
Here is the link to her webpage and an interview with her, I believe from a couple of years ago, based on the books she talks about.
You can also find her on Facebook. (She posts the funniest things.) You can find her books on Amazon and Goodreads.


  1. Thanks for telling us about Katherine! She's certainly got an eclectic bunch of books she's authored. I'll have to check them out before long!

  2. I think you would like her first two series.