Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14

Just finished The Case of Section 950, Seat E-14: a Sam Cloudstone Novella (Sam Cloudstone Chronicles) by Jimmy Martin.


 This is a good action mystery. Here is the synopsis:

" Sam Cloudstone is a modern day hero, one that would prefer to live by his wits instead of his brawn. But like any hero, Sam's not afraid to get physical when he has to!

He is a full blooded Comanche living in today's world. He tried to follow his father's footsteps becoming an oilfield engineer, but couldn't handle the confined spaces of a modern office job, or the soul destroying stress of corporate life.

Leaving that world, he became a free spirit, surviving as an author, a songwriter, a photographer, a bartender and a bounty hunter. One day he accidentally crosses paths with Melissa Steinhardt, a beautiful and impetuous "Damsel in Distress", and his life changes forever!

Attempting to help her involves him in a 70 year old mystery that pits the two of them against the FBI, the CIA, and a billionaire drug lord. They end up in a chase across Texas, each new destination dictated by solving the riddle preceding it. Their final stop ends in a showdown between all of the parties involved, at the "Enchanted Rock" in the middle of the historic Comanche territory in the Central Texas Hills.

The first clue is inside the cushion of Seat E-14, Section 950 of the now obsolete and disused Astrodome, Houston's former Pride and Joy...  "

The story spans from Houston to the Texas Hill Country. If you are from Central Texas or familiar with Central Texas, you will enjoy the "chase". Lots of "I know where that is. Is that a real place? Yes it is."

There is never a dull moment or dull part of the story,  as Sam and Melissa try to find Section 950, Seat E-14, and where that leads them. Smatterings of WWII history, current day technology, past technology, lots of bad guys, good guys, and good guys that are kind of bad guys. Lots of people chasing other people....

The ending is quite exciting and surprising. I liked it!

Here is a bit about the author, Jimmy Martin.

I received a free copy in exchange for a review.


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