Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Cuckoo's Calling

Just finished the book The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith. (Cormoran Strike #1)

The Cuckoo's Calling (Cormoran Strike, #1)

This is written by the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling under the pen name of Robert Galbraith. It is the first of two with private detective Cormoran Strike.

"After losing his leg to a land mine in Afghanistan, Cormoran Strike is barely scraping by as a private investigator. Strike is down to one client, and creditors are calling. He has also just broken up with his longtime girlfriend and is living in his office.

Then John Bristow walks through his door with an amazing story: His sister, thelegendary supermodel Lula Landry, known to her friends as the Cuckoo, famously fell to her death a few months earlier. The police ruled it a suicide, but John refuses to believe that. The case plunges Strike into the world of multimillionaire beauties, rock-star boyfriends, and desperate designers, and it introduces him to every variety of pleasure, enticement, seduction, and delusion known to man."

I loved the Harry Potter series and read every one of the books. So I was excited to read another book by the same author. This is not a childrens book like Harry Potter.  I probably was expecting some similarities in the writing but it is not like Harry Potter at all.

Cormoran hires a "gal Friday" from a temporary agency to help him finish up things in his office. Business is not good. He owes people money. He has just broken up with his fiancee and is living in the back room of his office. Robin is a newly engaged young woman, just moved to the city to move in with her fiancee and start a new life. She turns out to be a very smart and savy counterpart.

I liked the story and there is an interesting vibe between Cormoran and Robin. I think that will be developed more in future books. The other characters are very colorful and dramatic. The story gives a glimpse into what the model and designer life may be like.

 I think it was a bit longer than it needed to be, more description and ancillary stories about some of the characters that maybe wasn't pertinent. But overall I enjoyed it.

This book is being made into a BBC television drama. We will have to see if it is available to the U.S.

The second Cormoran Strike novel is The Silkworm and I have heard from people that have read it, that it is really good.

It is worth the read.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. I will have to tell my husband about the book. He loves this author as well. I will be looking out for the BBC drama. We follow a lot of BBC shows.

  2. I really liked them both. Maybe the second one better just because I love the character development!

    1. I like the Cormoran and Robin characters too. The consensus of our book club was that everyone liked them and thinks it will be a good t.v. show. And those that have read the second one, liked it more than the first. Not untypical for a first book in a series.

  3. I hope we can get to watch the BBC series. Just saw that her first book written as J.K. Rowling, The Casual Vacancy, has been made into a two part mini series and is showing on HBO. They are going to make both The Cuckoo's Calling and The Silkworm in to tv dramas.