Friday, July 6, 2018

Featuring on Friday - Dean Mayes

This Friday I am featuring Dean Mayes.

 I was first introduced to Dean I 2015, through a "read and review" site. I think Dean is a pretty interesting person. He lives in Adelaide Australia. That in itself is interesting to me. He is an ICU nurse. I am a nurse also,(although I don't do clinical nursing anymore). He has a family. How does he find time to write books?

His third book, The Recipient was soon to be published. Being a psychological thriller with a medical story background, I jumped at. I quickly became a fan. (You can read my post on the The Recipient and also an interview with Dean in earlier posts. 7/28/15, 5/17/16). His fourth book, The Artisan Heart, is coming out in September. 

Dean Mayes

About Dean:
"When he emerged in 2010, Adelaide based Intensive Care Nurse and author Dean Mayes, had almost given up on the prospect of ever being published. by then in his 30's with several abortive writing attempts under his belt, Dean believed he had missed his opportunity. But Dean had an idea for one last story he wanted to tell and, rather than allow it to wither and die in his imagination, he decided to blog it instead.

Quite unexpectedly, Dean's blog took off and after a chance encounter with Canadian based publisher Central Avenue in mid 2009, Dean's dream like tale about a young man who discovers he has taken on the memories and dreams of a complete stranger, became his first novel. Dean was signed to an initial two year contract and in 2010 "The Hambledown Dream" was published. The novel has since gone on to receive global attention and critical acclaim.

Dean set about penning a follow up novel that was not merely a repeat performance and in 2012 "Gifts of the Peramangk" a powerful Australian family saga. Chronicling a dysfunctional Aboriginal family in the struggle streets of Adelaide's suburban fringe, "Gifts of the Peramangk" has been described as significant literary achievement. In October 2013, it was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious EPIC Awards for contemporary fiction.


Dean's third feature length novel, a psychological thriller set in Melbourne called "The Recipient", showcased his ability to cross genres and deliver a taut and gripping tome about a heart transplant patient who discovers her organ donor was a murder victim - and that the murder remains unsolved. 


Dean is currently editing his fourth novel, a return to his romantic roots, called "The Artisan Heart", which is scheduled for a September, 2018 release."

Dean is an excellent writer. Don't each of those books sound intriguing? His writing flows really well, and it's easy to read.

The Artisan Heart is coming out in September, 2018. Here is what it is about and a trailer for it.


"Hayden Luschcombe is a brilliant paediatrician living in Adelaide with his wife Bernadette, an ambitious event planner. His life consists of soul-wrenching days at the hospital and tedious evenings attending the lavish parties organised by Bernadette.

When an act of betrayal coincides with a traumatic confrontation, Hayden flees Adelaide, his life in ruins. His destination is Walhalla, nestled in Australia’s southern mountains, where he finds his childhood home falling apart. With nothing to return to, he stays, and begins to pick up the pieces of his life by fixing up the house his parents left behind.
A chance encounter with a precocious and deaf young girl introduces Hayden to Isabelle Sampi, a struggling artisan baker. While single-handedly raising her daughter, Genevieve, and trying to resurrect a bakery, Isabelle has no time for matters of the heart. Yet the presence of the handsome doctor challenges her resolve. Likewise, Hayden, protective of his own fractured heart, finds something in Isabelle that awakens dormant feelings of his own.

As their attraction grows, and the past threatens their chance at happiness, both Hayden and Isabelle will have to confront long-buried truths if they are ever to embrace a future."
Doesn't that sound really good? I have preordered it. Here is a link to the trailer and the chance to win a prize package! A signed copy of The Artisan Heart, a $50 gift certificate and a copy of "The Sound of Letting Go" 2016 studio album by Swear and Shake - the musical inspiration for the book.
Here are some other links if you would like to check out more about Dean; Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter and Central Avenue Publishing.

I can't wait for The Artisan Heart!

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